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CCERPA Horses - Go Canada, go China... we're here to support equetrian and friendship... 



Whatever you are a stable owner, euqestrian coaches, riders, veterinarian, education institution, equestrian brand ... we are welcome you join us to building a equestrian bridge between Canada and China for the love of the horse.

Train with Margie Gayford

Champion equestrian and experienced riding instructor

Margie Gayford-
Margie has extensive experience developing horses and riders up to Grand Prix level. She is an active competitor and has competed at the top shows in Canada and the US. Her horses and riders have won many Provincial Championships. 

Margie is a qualified Equine Canada level 3 coach and she provides a custom program with individual attention to detail.  Margie is thoroughly dedicated to her riders and horses and she skillfully provides them with the tools they need to get the most out of their performance.  



Working out of Gaylands Farm , a specialty  competition barn that is in Stouffville, it is located just 30 minutes from Toronto.  The facility features 28 stalls, a spacious indoor arena along with a large outdoor sand ring and a full set of competition jumps. There is a heated tack and viewing room.

The horses have full care with staff that live on the property. A custom turn out, feed and training program is set up for each horse. 

The facility is owned by Tom Gayford, an Olympic gold medalist who competed in International show jumping and eventing. He is also available for coaching of advanced students. 



We compete regularly in Ontario and in the US, and we provide our own experienced staff and trailering. 

Coaching is available for all levels of hunter, jumper and equitation. 



Training and riding at home and at competitions makes for a well rounded competition schedule that will meet each rider's goals. 

We have several retired show horses with the experience to be great lesson horses and they provide the best way to learn to ride. We do sales and leasing programs and we can arrange what ever will work with a rider's needs. 

Ship-in training can be arranged on an individual basis, regularly or seasonal. 



We can set up clinics for a range of levels for hunter, jumper and eventers with full or half day sessions. 


Riding is a great sport that is both fun and competitive. The bond with the horse is unique and it takes time to learn and understand it. The sport is a specialty exercise and requires fitness and balance -and it can be enjoyed at all levels. 

Reach your full potential with Margie's expert instruction! 


For more information-

Visit us on Facebook at Gayford Stables 

Glendon Stable

Professional well equiped stable for kids and adults

Glendon 马场占地100英亩,备有30个马厩的马房,85×205英尺保温室内场地,配有厨房可观看场地的休息室。并有两个室外骑乘场地。拥有45年的教练经验,可接受初级水平及大奖赛水平的骑手。设有一对一私教及集体课程。参加7月份为期一周夏令营的骑手可提前报名。 

山上马术中心( 小路骑乘)

Trail riding - On The Hill Horsemanship Center)

山上马术中心紧邻多伦多市,交通便利,位于404高速布鲁明顿路(Bloomington Road)出口。山上马术中心全体诚挚地邀请您光临我们的马术基地,实现您有关马的梦想。




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Training & Coaching


CCERPA selects top riding academies all over GTA with professional certified trainers can coach you and your horse at any level. We supply free consultation and free VIP Green Channel lesson arrangement to accommodate you to your best needs for CCERPA Registered Subscribers. 


Anything is possible depending how much time you are willing to spend in the saddle.

Winston Churchill once said " No hour is lost in the saddle"



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